Willwood Dam/Shoshone River Work Group Updates

The Willwood Dam Work Groups have developed a Story Map, Efforts to Improve Sediment Management at Willwood Dam, to highlight recent efforts. Projects and successes detailed in the Story Map include: (1) improvements to the Shoshone River fishery downstream of Willwood Dam; (2) modifications to the operations of Willwood Dam; (3) efforts to better understand sediment dynamics at the dam; (4) studies evaluating the impacts of sediment on the fishery; (5) efforts to evaluate options for improvements and modifications to Willwood Dam; and (6) efforts to address sources of sediment to the Shoshone River.

Questions regarding Work Group 2 that focuses on dam operations can be directed to David Waterstreet at [email protected] or 307-777-6709. Questions regarding Work Group 3 that focuses on sources of sediment in the watershed can be directed to Carmen McIntyre at [email protected] or 307-578-8335.